The history of the ice-cream ;

There are a lot of information about the ice-cream ,has been consumed around the world with pleasure,where and when it has been first made . But most of these data do not have historical evidence. we ‘ll nevertheless try to give short a information on all opinions

In some sources ,it is mentioned about the presence a food like, ice-cream, in the ancient Greek. According to this view ,the ice cream has been around since ancient history and its a kind of dessert consumed by noble people like King Nero and it’s named King Nero’s dessert after him in ancient Greece .

Another opinion is that the ice cream discovered in China. The ice cream is consumed in China for centuries, in 1292 Marco Polo brought the recipe to Europe . There are starch and salt in ice cream which is produced in China. With the contribution of French chefs, ice-cream have become an indispensable flavor with some changes.

According to a third opinion, the origin of ice cream extends to the Persians. Persians in Iran were collecting snow from the high peaks of the mountain and they were blending it with the milk, cream, honey, syrup and other sweeteners to make delicious tastes.In fact, all these different opinions reflect truth from a larger view. Ice cream is emerged on different dates, in different regions, with different names and flavors so it’s very hard to reach a definitive conclusion about it’s orijin.But the actual truth ;Kahramanmaras is the center of this indispensable- tasted ice-cream,which concures all the other ice-cream’s thrones.