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Have you ever tasted Firik ice cream ?

A FIRST KAHRAMANMARAŞT to the furnace could TAD FREEZE OR ANYONE unique taste. Oven: FREEZE BEFORE ENTERING THE STATE OF SHOCK UNIT is, is -6 DEGREES, shocked melts FREEZE OVER BUT MUCH MORE can be consumed. Margido ice cream; Hanafi of Mahçiçek STADIUM AGAINST. EXPECT. . .

The history of the ice-cream ;

Pleasure of ice cream consumed in many parts of the world where, how and on what date a lot of information that arise vardır.Kur but most of these data with historical evidence değillerdir.biz again briefly try to give all views. Some sources from the ancient Greek word in the presence of food like ice cream ice cream according to the opinion of edilmektedir.b in Ancient Greece, which has been around since ancient history [...]